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Hey guys, thanks for checking out the all new Wild! A little about me: Grew up in Memphis, TX(Go Cyclones!), graduated from Texas Tech(Go Raiders!), then worked in Tyler, TX, Tulsa, OK and have been here at Wild since it signed on in 2000. I get asked all the time, "Joey, how did you become a big time morning show radio superstar?" I always tell them the same thing. I've just ridden the coattails of Heather and Nugget over the years and the cash and celebrity have just poured in!!! Also, meeting Kristine here and having two great stepsons and the adorable Miss Tilly, light my day as well. Thank you so much for being fans of the show. It's there to entertain you guys! I hope we don't disappoint! Have a good one!

PS I'm still waiting to hear from the OKC Thunder about what my role will be this season. I'll let you know...

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Hey it's Heather!  Joey, Nug, and I started doing the show waaay back in the caveman days.  Since then, we've kind of all been growing up together.  Some more than others (this means you, Joey.)  Of all the things I've been asked over the years, the most common question is; how did Nugget get his name?  Well I hope this isn't too much information, but he is named after the most disgusting, filthy, vile, putrid thing I have ever encountered.  A lil publication called Nugget.  I'll spare you the details. I hope you've been listening to the show for years and years, and if so, then thank you!  I know it hasn't always been easy.  If you are a new listener of Wild 104.9hd, and of the Joey and Heather morning show, then thank you!  We'll try to be gentle.










Hey-hey, it's Nugget (aka Nugg, Nuggy-Nugg, El Nuggito, Nuggalicious, Nuggels, The Ambassador of Awesome ville) I've been on the J&HMS since I was 20 years-old, fresh out of Junior College and ready to learn the world of radio. I still haven't learned anything, but the good news is that they've finally started paying me. I started out doing stunts on the show and worked my way up to producer. If you want to book as a guest on the show or if you wish to contact a member of the show, please email me and I'll respond when I $&#@ing feel like it:

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